1 sambaPOS 2 companies

Hello everybody,

I am new to SambaPOS, and have a question related to multiple companies owned by the same owner.

Here is the global view:
The owner has a cafe-restaurant (company 1) and sell his products.
Next door he has his office and also a small company (company 2) that sells some items like ice-creams, prepaid phone cards, books, etc …

Sometime a customer of his restaurant will also order a prepaid phone card. For the customer’s convenience, the waiter from company 1 will charge both items (let’s a coffee from company 1 and the prepaid phone card from company 2).
At the end of the day the waiter has to keep track of company 2’s items he has sold, he has to separate the money and give it back to company 2.

Is there a way to manage this from the same touchscreen/terminal ?
Ideally one ticket would be issued, with only company 1 items, items/money from company 2 would be not printed as a ticket but would be reported and accounted on a separate account. Manual ticket would be done at night for company 2.

I know it’s a bit special and I was wondering if this would be possible to manage.

Thank you in advance for your time,