2 Issues with Staff fob and drinks

Hi Guys
I have 2 current issues. First is that I altered the prices of some soft drinks, these are fine when you select them but when you choose a spirit and you then can choose a mixer the mixer is at the old price.
Second issue is I made up a fob for a staff member and when they are on the till no one else can use it even the administrator. Help please.

Please take in to account no two samba installs are ever quite the same.

From what you have said it sounds like your spirits have order tags for mixers rather than actual products.
When you add mixer to a spirit is it smaller and indented under the spirit rather than the same size?

Re staff fob, default system a ticket calling be closed and user logged out unless a ticket has an entity (table) or ticket tag selected.
The way you say it it sounds like you may have a ‘switch user’ type flow setup but without more info can’t say for sure and what is making this fob not able to logout when others can

Hi the mixers are smaller and a lighter shade.
Our system is set up for multiple users so that more than one person can use the till.

yes, so they are order tags.
you will need to change the price of those as they are not directly linked to the products it sounds like you have already changed prices of?

Yes and more that one person can always use a till.
As I said by default a ticket needs a table to be selected before it can be closed for another person to login.
However there are many different ways to optimise a ‘switch user’ flow but without knowing more info about your setup its hard to comment.
Can you confirm other users can ‘switch user’ just not that one?
Can you explain how you would ‘switch user’?
Do you setup this system yourself or a reseller?

Yes others can switch and get back by the use of fobs via the Rfid reader.

Ok, but you have no idea how switch user is configured?
Please explain how the process goes? Do you have to logout/press button before logging back in?
Can you show some screenshots of a ticket started by a user that works and one from user that doesn’t switch.

Have no idea how anything is set up.
You just put a fob on the reader to switch users even when ticket open.

just changed fob to Charlene with ticket open and I can’t get bac in to mine.

So did someone else set this up for you? It is setup wrong it should not allow a switch with a ticket open. We will need to understand how it was setup to be able to assist you though.

Have now managed to find where the tags were for the mixers on spirits and have been able to alter the prices and now they are correct.
Just need to sort the issue with the fob.

For us to fix the fob issue we need to see the Rules that are used for it. My guess is its using a NumberPad value entered rule to change users and there are no constraints to check if a ticket is open or not.

How can we go about you seeing how the system has been set up.

Did you have a reseller set it up for you?

The first screenshot shows change message so ticket has been paid and closed which would allow logout.
Are you sure you can switch on your setup with an open ticket is not paid.

We bought the system through a company called Zepos in Cardiff to find that they had ripped off the system and we then had to buy a licence from Mark of Storeseen who also set up our membership card system and tabs. We had no instructions on how to use it bar for some basics.

Oh my I’m sorry. Yes Zepos is bad. Take a look here to get started. Kb.sambapos.com

So let me explain. If you have a ticket open it will not let you just switch users with the ticket open. You will need to setup automation that sets a ticket tag or an entity then closes ticket switches users then reopens the ticket. It will look like you just switched users with ticket open but technically its automation that did it. I know that is all probably confusing to you. There is a lot of documentation on switch users in the forum @JTRTech has done some work with this topic.

Does your login allow you access to settings? Can you see the automation > Rules and actions etc?

Some bed time reading there.

Yes SambaPOS is the best POS there is but its also a whole different concept that requires some learning curve which is the tradeoff for having the customization we are afforded.

We can get into all the back office stuff.