2 Issues with Staff fob and drinks

We only seem to have an issue with the one fob. The rest work fine switching from user to user. This one fob even overrides my admin fob.

Hmm it may just be that user how its setup. Can you check that username and see if it has Admin option checked?

Maybe they use a user entity which your new user doesn’t have one maybe. Again, hard to say without more info on the setup.

I see a switch user button there, what does that do?

I am going to bring the system home so I can look into it.

The switch user button takes you to the Southam CC start screen with a number pad. If you put your fob on the Rfid reader it opens it back up to the till screen.

I was told that any fob registered on the system would be able to open up their own ticket and then a previous user could swipe their fob to get back to their ticket to close it down or add to it.

Ok, so would guess based on what’s been said to change between users while there is a ticket open you will need to press switch user.
Try this;
Ring in couple of items.
Press switch user
Log back in
Do you get the same ticket back up?

this is the first screen you get when Samba has opened. I then use my fob and it then brings me to the till screen

Once I add items you loose the switch user

I have now used the other fob and it has bought up a new ticket. now added items to this one tried to go back with my fob and it would not. Pressed switch user and nothing. Deleted items and then my fob worked.

Also can’t delet user.

You loose switch user button because you have an order selected, you will notice all the buttons change when order is selected.

Confused not sure what you mean.

See the order with blue highlight, that means that order is selected. Like in Windows.
You will see that all the buttons on the left change when an order is selected as those buttons should be order related rather than ticket related.
The switch user button isn’t not shown for that user, it’s because the order is selected.

So that means the only way to switch to a new user is to put their fob on the reader and this brings up a new ticket for them to use. Then the first person should be able to go back to their own ticket by scanning their fob.

Sorry, don’t understand.
How else would you switch user.
Again don’t know your setup, as said before by default you would select an entity like table to close a ticket before next user logs in however custom automation can use say a ticket tag to allow close.
It is possible with custom automation to do what you implied origionally and swipe a fob to trigger ‘layaway’ using either enity or ticket tag and then logout and back in with new user and make it recall the previous ticket when other user logs back in however this is not by default and requires custom automation.
What methods that reseller has tried to impliment is still unclear.

PM me a backup of your database and I’ll try and take a look tonight and see how they have tried to do it.

How do I send this to you off the tablet it is on as I don’t think it is configured for this.

Make a backup and upload it to a forum private message.

@snowey26 I am sure we can help you with this but to get you configured how you need quickly you may want to contact @markjw again and maybe get some paid support. I can totally understand if you feel you have already paid enough and cant afford more its truly a shame when people like Zepos screw other people over, hopefully we can do something about him.

If you plan to fully support it on your own, a good idea for saving money, I highly recommend you take some time and read through the Tutorials section in this forum as well as the knowledgebase. I will give you a tip though the forum often has the most accurate tutorials.

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