2 Issues with Staff fob and drinks

OK, looked at the backup you sent me.
And as I guessed from what you said they are using staff entity for layaway.
Using there setup you would need to create a staff entity for each user…
You should notice a similar issue with Wendy.

Ok so what do I need to do.

To do it with the setup you have you need to create a staff entity for the new users with came name as set for their user.

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A great big thank you Joe, I added the entities for both Wendy and Charlene and now I can switch users with items on all tickets.
Many thanks again that will make life behind our bar easier.

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Looking though a few things there are so many odd settings LOL.

Looking at rules relating to their switch user setup…

No idea why you would try and constrain against entity name on login when no ticket would be open…
Especially since you dont even have any table entities LOL

Same points as raise above though. If you have an order selected numberpad isnt available.
From normal ticket screen given staff entity matches user you can swipe.

This is what you get from buying from someone who does not know the system properly.

I expect they made a more complex setup for someone and duplicate it with all the unnessercery bits if you strip out the config for the unused stuff.
There are additional payment types for 3 terminals which looking at report you only use one.

Yes you see that when you go into the settle screen when money doesn’t match, once you enter amount you then have to press till 1 and then close.

Not sure what you mean by that but yer, sounds like more gunk from them.

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Thanks again Joe and have a good bank holiday.

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