2 Line Printing on Item Description

Hi All Gurus,

I am wondering if the item description in printout can be printed in 2 line or more.
for example: i have item description in 2 language; english & chinese.

eg. Sweet & Sour Chicken 甜酸鸡

Under the Menu tag, we are able to display it in 2 line by using the “”
but the printout still will be in one single line.

It would be a plus if SambaPOS is able to do this.


Create a Custom Product Tag Caption in Manage > Settings > Program Settings > General Settings

Then for your Products, use the Product Tag Editor to set the Tag to contain the “alternate” description.

Then in your Printer Template, use the {ITEM TAG:X} printer Tag on a line just below the Product {NAME}.

Custom Product Caption:

Product Tag Editor:

Printer Template:

{ITEM TAG:ForeignName}