2 menu on mobile client?



I have a question for developers: why is so unusable? Why do we need the possibility of extensive customization, if this is not applicable in the end? So I have to create a separate menu just for the tablet? Or maybe I should just use RDP? It costs $0 a year and better, right? But my client already bought it. Sorry, but I really angry.

Okay, I combined the menu. But now another problem is that subcategories are not displayed…

I’ve deployed it and it’s very usable. Maybe your needing more than it offers? It does not support sub menus or prefixes. It’s for basic order taking. It was never meant to be a full client.

We will have a version that will be like a full terminal but it won’t be ready for a while it is in development.

RDP is expensive. There is no free RDP.