2 option sales when log in

Can Samba Pos handle 2 option sales with 2 database on 1 store.
waiters log in
first klick where is database will be use
after that klik order.
1 store with 2 database and 2 cashier for handle payment.
because 2 database different VAT number register, and different name register at goverment, but sale at 1 store

why use 2 databases, why not use departments?

You can map different templates and reports for each department… Much easier


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You can use separate VAT templates as well as separate print bill templates and reports indicating the different vat number register. No need to use 2 databases. Is there a specific reason you want to use 2 databases?

Yes, there is separate management too. because there is 2 separate group of owner at 1 store but using same place. it is very terible but it happen.

LOL that is probably the weirdest scenario i have ever heard in business, I can’t figure out why anyone would want to do something like that. Anyway yes you can use the Change Database Connection action and you can have it set to work on User Login event.

i will try first. because, i will replace old sistem at this store. hope it success

So wait, 2 businesses use the same tills at the same time during the day?

Id be buying a new till… imagine that. Another business knowing your sales figures…

Id still be inclined to use the same database though…

Create same users with same pin codes on both databases and use Change Database Connection action as Kendash suggested on user logged in event. So when user 1 logs in it will work on database 1 and user 2 logs in it will work on database 2.


I have to change database. How to update all POS Screen Menu ?
At manage show different. But at POS show blank screen

How to refresh entity screen?
There is action to refresh entity screen.
Because after change new database (2), entity screen still display old database(1).

Can you elaborate?
Entities, entity states and entity screen options are contained in database…
If you changed database you would either change to existing or create new one usually with default samba sample data…
Your not giving much information which would allow us to explain whats happening.

Before select order, will display where menu use, to Store A or Store B. because store A and Store B different Menu. Menu product Store A is franchise with A and Store B is franchise with B

This is display ask store

display store A entity

store B entity

My problem if i order at sore B, and logout. so i login agian to store A
when choose option store A,entity screen to Store A not display, still display entity store B.
But after i klick IN, will refresh entity screen to store A.
So How to change entity screen after change database?

Action ask database when login

Action to change database store A

Action to change database Store B

rule when user login to display option change database

rule connection to store A

rule connection to store B

this my problem, please how to refresh entity screen after change database?

edit: i just learn how to convert from wmv to gif

Wow that image is small I cant see anything. You have to log out and log back in to POS after database change.

I am having a hard time following what your trying to do. You asked how to change databases but it seems your doing something else really. If you want to switch databases you should logout after the switch and log into the new one.

if i log out agian, my rule will ask again to choose where database i will to use.

You need to change connection as soon as user logs in so SambaPOS can use data from updated connection. It is not a good idea to switch connection in the middle of some operation.


Add a cancel button to the ask question would mean neither of the switch command rules would fire.

If I were doing what your doing I would have something like

On the ask question where each database has a program setting value for its name, so you then didnt have to change database even to the same one every time.

There has to be a better way that switching databases like that?"?

It sounds like you need to rethink your automation. Keeping this in mind:

Personally I would go with what I suggested earlier… use a specific user to trigger the database change instead of trying to build an ask question automation.

How about after closing ticket it goes to custom entity screen (same screen setup on both db) with two buttons for each db, pressing changes database and logs out so you then login to the selected db
Imitating choosing db before login.