2 scales in samba via serial port

Is there anybody who using 2 scales in samba via serial port and working properly?
I have 1 serial port in my pc so one of the scale is working good on it but when i connected the other scale by using usb to serial converter, samba giving me only 1 scale data on numberpad.
Note: i configured scales in local settings>devices and both scales giving data seperately.

Which scale sata works? Serial to usb converters are notoriously troublesome from my exleriance.

anything with converters or actual serial ports. i just want to know if 2 scales can be used in samba.
tomorrow i will give it a try with pci serial port card.

You really don’t help yourself with your answers.
You said samba only give 1 scale date, I asked which one to which you reply anything, converter or actual.
Which doesn’t make sence to the question followed by you just want to know if it will work…
Many here won’t use 1 scale yet alone 2, if you just want direct answers rather than help and advice maybe contact samba for direct paid support rather than the community forum.

I have not tested it as I’m not sure what the need for two scales is. Why do you need two scales? It can only read from one at a time.

I would recommend a serial cable switch like this:


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thats exactly what i did and its working good but m also looking to get data for both serial port at a time through javascript.

So, as asked previously, why do you need data from 2 scales at the same time?

Maybe it’s a race? Or a fight to the death? Duelling scales?

I’ll show myself out…


Customer requirement definately

This is what I meant earlier, you don’t help anyone with your answers.
That isnt an explanation, as a reseller any question is going to be a customer requirement surly as its not for your own till…
He’s asked the reason they need/use two scales as it helps to think of posible solutions, work arrounds etc.
Remember this is a community forum not a free support chat line, it helps to indulge others questions.

So again, why do you need two symiltanious scale reads? How will samba know whether to use the weight from one scale over the other?

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Also as a reseller, it is your place to provide a SOLUTION to your customer. If they say they want 2 scales, first thing I would do is to ask WHY? In this business it shouldn’t about trying to sell whatever you can to make the most $$ it is about providing a SOLUTION.

IMHO if a customer said to me they wanted 2 scales, first thing I would think is they must mean they then want 2x POS as well, given the purpose of having 2 scales would be so you could serve 2 customers at the same time.

The only other reason I could GUESS for having 2 scales is maybe they have different weighing capabilities, e.g. one scale can weigh up to 15kg in 1g increments, the other can weigh up to 50kg in 5g increments. But GUESSING is not helping to find a solution.

@Faisal until you actually tell us exactly what your requirement is*, I don’t think you will get any help here. This is a free community support forum, and we have many knowledgeable people here who know lots about SambaPOS, but I don’t think we have many good at mind reading :wink:

*BTW, I mean why 2 scales are needed, not that you need to connect 2 scales…

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Given the other questions about keyboard and security perhaps its two scales on top of each other with seccond one to validate first lol, you never know if not told hehe

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yeah, or going by previous comments, maybe one scale is to make sure the other scale is not stealing from the business lol

It is a customer requirement, in which one scale weighing in kg i.e is a big scale and the second one weighing in ponds which is small.

So is it really large weights and small weights or imperial and metric units?
If its mixing kgs and lbs you could just use one and price based on single unit and display both on receipts via math.
I only say that as kg and lbs are kind of equivalent units between metric and imperial, 2.2lbs to a kg and if anything grams is a smaller metric than oz so if anything I would have expected metric to be a preferred unit on finner weights over imperial.
Also not sure about other countries but at least in UK both units may sometimes be displayed imperial is normally the measured unit and lbs might just be there as visual/information purposes for which as said you could use math for visual purposes.

What is the reason to use different units (kg and lbs (pounds)) ? Can you tell me exactly what the customer said please?

If it is for size you would use kg and g not a different unit. You can’t use 2 different types of measurement like that I assume you know the difference between kg and lbs ? If you have your items in SambaPOS priced per kg, then if you sent a weight from a scale in lbs the price in SambaPOS would be wrong as it would take the lbs value as if it were kg.

I also can’t see any reason you would have 2 scales in different measurement units.

If it’s big scale vs small scale, the big one should be kg and the small one g, but most likely they will (or can be set to) send the unit in kg (ie 100g = 0.1kg) so the pricing in SambaPOS would work out correct.

Yes one is a big scale and the next one is small.

Awesome. Could you help me by letting me know if you know what the difference is between kg and pounds?

The stuff they weight on big scale, they dont weight on small scale…
1kg= 2.2lb