2 technicians serve on 1 client

My hair salon is working well with Sambapos. I really like it.
Today, I’d like to know how to add 2 technicians serve on 1 client to ticket.
End of work period, I’d like to know how much $ each technician made.
For ex: Client comes to do hair cut and hair wash.
Hair cut will be done by technician 1 for $15
Then hair wash will be done by technician 2 for $10
So on for the next clients done by another technicians.
When end of work period, I want to count $ had made by each technician.

I tried to do ORDER TAG but it doesn’t work to count $ of each technician.
Please show me how to do this.
Thanks for your time and your understand my question

Have a great day.

Do ticket tag

So when you start a new ticket have a pop up appear asking to select technician. They click their name and this adds their name as a ticket tag

You can then create a report of ticket totals by each technician using the ticket tag of the ticket

So you can report on number of ticket tags=technician 1 and also what their total sales were

I’ve changed this to a V5 Question as it is not a V5 Tutorial. Tutorial category is for tutorials on how to do things in SambaPOS.

Thanks a lot for your responds.
Yes, I did try TICKET TAG but I cant add 2 technicians name on 1 ticket.
I’m still thinking about ORDER TAG and working on it
For ex: When I printout bill for client
Hair cut – (order tag) technician 1 – $15
Hair wash – (order tag) technician 2 – $10
Bare style – (order tag) technician 3 – $12
Total: $37
-Printout bill-

My idea about PRODUCT become Technician Name

Do you have any other ideas?

Yes make each technician login with their own username and add to ticket their product they will perform. You can just use reporting to show products sold by user.

EDIT In fact this is built in to the Work Period report under User Sales.

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Thanks for your respond.
Here is how my business works: (lay out)
I have 1 cashier who will printout bill for client to pay $.
Client comes. She wants to do 3 services: hair cut, hair wash and waxing
1st technician will do hair cut -->$15
2nd technician will do hair wash --> $10
3rd technician will do waxing --> $12
Each technician will write down on piece of paper, then give it to cashier.
Technicians are busy with their jobs, so they can’t use Sambapos to login.
Cashier will register to Sambapos to printout the bill for client who want to pay for services.

(Sambapos job which is still working on)
Cashier login by cashiers’ name
Then she takes a look piece of paper was written by technicians, then she chooses
PRODUCT (Hair Cut $15) --> ORDER TAG (1st Technicians’ Name)
PRODUCT (Hair Wash $10) --> ORDER TAG (2nd Technicians’ Name)
PRODUCT (Waxing $12) --> ORDER TAG (3rd Technicians’ Name)
Total: $37 --> SETTLE to pay
̣̣̣̣(So on, cashier will continue another bill for the next clients)

Here is my search about to know total $ of each technician when END OF PERIOD WORKING DAY.

I’m trying to do step by step even reverse all the steps.
I know that Sambapos is for restaurant but I try to modify it to fit my business.
Up to know, I’m really interesting when I’m working on Sambapos system.

Ok so that is why its important to explain this stuff in the beginning. We cant help you much with accurate advice unless you start with how you run your business first. You could setup tablets and let the technicians use tablets to enter their customers.

Use Portions.
PRODUCT (Hair Cut $15).(1st Technicians’ Name)
PRODUCT (Hair Wash $10).(2nd Technicians’ Name)
PRODUCT (Waxing $12).(3rd Technicians’ Name)

And use this Report to see how much each Technician made.


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Everyone has a phone today, so you can setup the Mobile app through their phones. This way they can make orders as they go and it only takes one finger to make the order if they already have their hands full.

I guess the alternative that doesnt include 3 phones would be using states, entities and/or users. I think the issue with portion is if you change your staff you will have to redo all your portions.

Then instead of using technician’s names, just write Booth #1, Booth #2, Booth #3, etc.

Hair stylists shouldn’t have to fumble with a POS system.


Or order tags? Tags would be easier to update. Would shift complexity to creating report to give figures you want but ongoing would be easier.

Hello all helpers,
I’m really appreciate and appreciate to all your solutions.
I have a lot of brain storms from your solutions.
I’m testing each solution, hope that I will find the best one to fit my type of business.

Have a great weekday.

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