4.1.17 Released

This release fixes some recently reported issues.

In regards to the zero priced (misc item), I have found an issue.

  1. Select your Misc Item (no price will show which is fine)
  2. Enter an amount on the NumberPad
  3. Select Misc Item
  4. Select Change Price
    We cannot settle ticket with fast payments (like what myself & Isaac have setup). You can settle with the Settle Button, but not with Automation Command Buttons.
    You have to add another item before the Automation Command buttons work.
    If you enter the price first, then select the Misc Item, all works correctly.

Another issue I have found, and it was present in 4.1.16.
I have an Action to Update Application Subtitle for Last Sale details.
All that is set is TitleLocation - Shell header, and Title - [:LastSale]

When I add this Action to a Rule, I can enter the details for [:LastSale] and save, but if I go back into Rules & this specific Rule, the [:LastSale] is missing from the Action - it only shows Constraint.
The details are saved, and the Action works as expected, but you cannot edit the Action, you have to remove and add again.

I remember coming across this issue and resorted to deleting and re-creating the action like you mentioned.

John Thank you very much for your reports.

  1. Fixed
  2. I couldn’t reproduce this issue. It might be related with what you entered for Last Sale parameter.

I am entering the following for LastSale

TTL $[=FF(’[:ProcessedAmount]’,’#,##0.00’)] - TN $[=FF(’[:TenderedAmount]’,’#,##0.00’)] - CHG $[=FF(’[:ChangeAmount]’,’#,##0.00’)]

Yes now it makes sense. We shouldn’t use # character in parameter values since we use it for internals. You can format numbers like that.

TTL $[=FF('[:ProcessedAmount]','N')] - TN $[=FF('[:TenderedAmount]','N')] - CHG $[=FF('[:ChangeAmount]','N')]


TTL [=FF('[:ProcessedAmount]','C')] - TN [=FF('[:TenderedAmount]','C')] - CHG [=FF('[:ChangeAmount]','C')]

Here are some useful formatting shortcuts for reference:

  • G: General
  • D: Decimal
  • N: Numbers
  • C: Currency
  • P: Percent

You can suffix decimal places as N1, N2, N3 or C1, C2, C3


All sorted. Thank you.
Should this be linked to the Printer Template Formatting Tags for future reference?