4.1.48 Released (IMPORTANT READ)

This release contains some critical database updates. Before installing 4.1.48 creating a backup is strongly recommended.

This release contains some fixes we’ve discussed in forums.

  • Backup Module should create backups on version updates. That can be disabled by settings.
  • Export module will display warnings for some issues. For example if rule contains actions that does not included to export. You can skip these warnings.
  • You can use # char in Rule Parameter.
  • 0.01 amount does not gets skipped while displaying payment change amounts.
  • You can confirm admin pin screens with manager pins if you enable Can Confirm Admin PIN setting.
  • You can enable Validate Exit Button setting on Local Settings > Display to require admin pin entry while closing SambaPOS.
  • Ticket lister rendering performance improved.
  • Merge Lines setting added to Ticket Lister to merge duplicate orders.

I cant believe I never noticed this had been added late V4, just noticed in V5 and thought it was new to it…
This is being activated on all installs ASAP :slight_smile: