5.3.0 web.PostJson() no longer returns response if error

Anyone else noticed errors are no longer returned.
Pretty sure its since update to 5.3.0. Am guessing its something in the updated .net framework
Also noticed PowerBI didnt seem to show error responce hence the .net presumption.
By error I dont mean incorrect settings, I mean perhaps a missing parameter which endpoint returns a responce with message for reason.
Anyone seen a way to turn responses back on?

WHat kind of responses (error or otherwise) are you expecting?

The functionality of HttpClient hasn’t been broken in any updates of .Net 4.x.

Previously the PMS API returned an error message in the response, from api_key incorrect to say account code doesnt exist.
Have noticed with other apis also, that presumably they are returning some form of roor code in headers or whatever which is making request just be treated as error with no response rather than successful request for which the API has returned a error message within the response.

So, you’re not getting any response from your API regardless of status?

Get a response when no issues.
But when an API end issue, ie not connectivity or auth etc where API returns an error message samba return shows null/blank, where before it would have shown the message returned by API