A few questions for you all

hi i have a few questions that i would like to ask. i thought it would be easier to ask them all in one post.

  1. how can i get sambapos to print customer receipts ‘automatically’ when cash is taken.

  2. how can i add a button to the order screen displaying “ticket history”. so i can easily re-print receipts for previous transactions.

  3. i have already created 1 menu for restaurant, now i would like to copy that menu and use it for take-away also, but i want the prices to be different, is there a way of doing it without adding each one over again one by one ?

  4. how can i add my logo to customer receipts

if you could guide me in the most detailed way that would be very much appreciated!
thank you all.

Just about every question you have can be answered in the Tutorials section of the forum. There are specific tutorials for each one of those questions. At top of forum where it says All Categories select tutorials and look through there.

Wealth of knowledge in there.

i am not able to find a tutorial that explains exactly how to do it clear enough.

the most important one i need sorted right now is the automatic receipts.

is there a tutorial u could direct me to ?

I am pretty sure you can use ticket tags to add a service fee for take-away if that is what your looking for. You don’t have to actually make 2 menus.

Create an Execute Print Job action whatever you want to name it:
Select Print Bill as the Job Name

will this give a customer receipt with price and total, automatically once i have taken payment from customer?

Create a Payment Processed Rule and insert the action you just made: Use the following Constraint.

Dont forget to set default mappings

Then go to Settings/Print Jobs make sure the print job Print Bill is mapped to Printer Template: Ticket Template

If you do all of that in that order it will print a customer receipt… you can customize what goes on the receipt by editing the Ticket Template located under Settings / Printer Templates

This is where you would insert your logo. using <BMP>[FileName]
Example <BMP> C:\company.bmp

Good resource for you would be here:

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