A little problem with the ordertags

ok so i was testing out the prefixes to get a good grip on so i can soon install it in the pizza shop.
i have two order tags 1. Tomatoes 2. Fresh Tomatoes so when i select tomatoes and then select fresh tomatoes. frest tomatoes eats up tomatoes and it takes its place but its added in the order.

second problem is i cat add more quantity to order tags with prefixes but this is not really a problem for me. i might never use this but just to bring it to your attention. also what do you think of doubling up on prefixes like
prefixes = first half, second half, more ,less
tags = lettuce

result = first half. more . lettuce

Yes you shouldn’t have both unprefixed and prefixed tags unless prefixed tag exists in prefixes list. Just rename Tomatoes to Regular Tomatoes if you need to have different types of Tomatoes.