A lot of order tag - prefix

i got order tag with a lot of tag. (59)
i know, need to split it and do better organisation.
but its not up to me, its in todo list, and for now, its simple to get them all in one order tag.

when i configure order tag prefix.
order tag are not displayed.



if i remove prefix, all tag are displayed.

bug if too many order tag and prefix added ??

i know this issue will not be fixed in v4, but mayby in v5 the same issue exist :slight_smile:

The reason that they are disapearing is because you dont have the non-prefix names set. Add the base order tags as such: “Spicy”, “Egg”, “Butter” etc. You need to have the regular base order tag names in as well in order to see them.

You can organize order tags by many different ways just look around. There are order tag groups, catagories, suffixs, filters, etc

PS. I cant remember whats available on v4 its been so long but you should upgrade to v5 anyways its much better and worth every penny.

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