A modern restaurant with private dine-in areas

Hi,i want to setup a modern restaurant with private dine-in ares/cubicles/Rooms.The families book cubicles in advance 2 or 3 days earlier,i have been able to achieve this by setting up my cubicles as entities and these are reserverd.I have followed the below tutorials

Hotel Rooms (Entity?)

Simple Reservation Example

I want to interface the cubicles with google calendar so that i can know which family has booked a particular cubicle each day. So my question is how can i interface my entities with google calendar
I would also like to arrange my entities in a way that will show which entities are in 1st floor 2nd floor etc.

Google api is a module in sambapos but you will need to read up on Google calendar api from Google website to understand it. It will allow you to interface with the api through jscript in sambapos.

How you implement it is up to you there are endless ways.

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The hotel room entity topic was to handle accounts rather than reservations. Just FYI