A pruduct has two portion sizes how to avoid, the update of the ticket of the first portion of that product

By using price definitions you can define multiple prices for products.

Thank you. Does that mean I can use “price definitions” to allocate prices for two portion sizes?

the reason behind is… Can I avoid using the portion sizes in product definitions

No you can’t replace portions with price definitions. These have different uses.

A example of a prime use of price definitions would be happy hour.

Thank you for the invaluable information. what is the scripting language used in SambaPos

I am using order tags to create meal deals. When create new tags and add a price it all works fine; but the problem is how do I reduce that from the stock. Is there a way to add selected existing products to a order tag

The Script section in Automation accepts JScript (ECMA3) and MS SQL. Expressions in Rules or Printer Templates can use JScript as well.

Yes, you do this with Recipes, in the Inventory section. You can map Order Tags to Inventory Items or Inventory Products, or a combination of the two.

There are different methods to set this up depending on how you want it to work, and how granular you want to be. But this is an example, using Condiments, which are Order Tags. They are mapped to Inventory Items in this case:

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Thank you so much… this solved lot of problems for me. Thanks everyone for the support

Thanks for your Help.we managed to implement meal deals.
Can you please advice how to clear all the trial transactions,trial stock purchases.Basically if I am starting my shop tomorrow I need all the previous accounts to be clear and start from zero

Use DB Tools Database Task for Clear Database Transactions script to clear all Transaction data. This will clear all Inventory Purchases and all Account Transactions completely, resetting all balances to zero.

It does not clear any configuration/setup data.

:warning: Backup your database first to ensure you have something to go back to if the result is undesirable.

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