About total ticket price show message


i tried to show message when Ticket total price

100-150 ₺ show the message “cong. you win the prize” then gift a one selected product.
200-250 ₺ show the message “cong. you win another prize” then gift selected product.

the problem is too many message action 100-150 ticket total but i want to one gift one message what i need to do for this ?


Show your rule… hard to say from your description.

here is my rules and actions

Just clarify the issue again?


i just wanted to when table total ticket price reach to 100-150 ₺ show one message and gift one product automaticly. this repeat again 200-250₺, 300-350₺, 400,450₺ problem with this rules and actions show too many message between total ticket 100-150₺,200-250₺.


Yer, but by too many, you mean multiple messages or your adding another product and total still in 100-150 bracket showing message again?

The way you have it designed is that its going to show the message anytime the total changes and is within your limits. Is that not what is happening?

If it is the case and you just have multiple instances in between those values you’ll need an additional criteria to say its already been displayed. Maybe a ticket tag.

yes infinity loop show message and add gift between 100-150₺ etc.

im trying to find how to do this i’ll research about ticket tag maybe this will fix this

I would use a custom ticket state over tag personally as doesn’t need to be visable to user.
You would add an action to update the tag or state when rule fires and add an extra constraint that state doesn’t equal the set value so once rule fires state is set preventing additional messages.

thanks you so much all of you. i did this with ticket state | Gift Status: “product name” | check when ticket total come in between 100-150₺ change state to | Gift status: viable | and activate gift action to give gift to table. this repeated when all of case done :blush: