Access Price within Header field on Order Tags

I found out I can dynamically add the Order Tag Name to the Header field using {0}, I wanted to do the same to automatically show the Order Tag Price on the button, like shown below, but none of the printer formatting tags work like {PRICE} or {ORDER TAG PRICE}.

Can we have support for this added, possibly even using {1} like was added for menu items?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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For price you can I think it’s { 2 } you need to use, there was an update a couple months back to allow price to be displayed on the buttons, i think 1 was already in use for something else so it was setup using number 2 instead

Mis read you wanting it for order tags not just normal product/order buttons

Try $2. If you want currency symbol, you’ll have to add it in.


Thanks @Bob_be that worked!

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That was it!! $2, i knew there was a 2 in there somewhere :wink:

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