Accessing Main Menu from Closed/Paid Ticket

Hi everyone, I have a small issue returning to the main menu when viewing Closed/Paid tickets in v3 - both the main menu button and close ticket button are not functioning, meaning the only way to escape is to ctrl+alt+del, close the program and restart.

Any thoughts on what might be preventing me from doing so? Is there perhaps an automation command I can create that is only visible on this screen to return to the tickets overview screen?

V3 support can be found on this forum is currently for v4 and in the very near future v5.

This could be numerous issues and without knowing your setup its hard to tell what the actual problem might be. We might need some screenshots to help us understand.

PS. I updated your user permissions so you can post screenshots.

What screenshots would you need to determine the issue? Presumably the locked ticket screen for one, any particular screens from the backend?

– Edit –
With a bit more reading I realised that my automation command enabled states had been set to * - I changed it to the default install option of nothing/blank and the problem is solved!