Account figures not matching

@Jesse i started a new issue for this

my petty cash shows as 90.00 on main account screen, however if i click the petty cash line and select account details it says there should be 100.00??

Did you filtered account screen? Please check account screen settings and remove if work period filter enabled.

i see what it is in current work period filter it show £10 from previous work period, wthout selecting current work period i wouldnt have seen this balance brought forward figure

is there a way to change this as petty cash wouldnt be carried over?? it should reset to zero the way i use it, i dont have a separate “pot” for petty cash it comes straight out of the cash drawer so nothing is carried over

That simply means you had a balance of 10 when you closed work period… if you do not want anything carried over then you balance it to 0 before you close work period. I thought this was how your petty cash worked… you balanced it to 0 before you closed WP?

I didnt realise you had to go into account and enter figures ti set them to zero so they arnt carried over, ive really only just started lookin at account

How does this work for cash? So if when cashing up the till is short by £5 i would not be able to balance to zero it would be minus 5 but i dont want that carried over is this possible?

If cash is short by $5 we can’t assume that as “not existed” and we should track that. You can create an account to transfer that missing cash. So at the end of the financial term you’ll know your total loss.


@RickH as @emre just said you should balance that float every day before close of work. By balance that means move shortages, etc to a holding account…Call that holding account Shrinkage or Cash Lost or Shortage account. You simply look at that account to see how much money your losing.

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Excellent thanks ill get that setup :smiley:

Thanks a lot for your help