Accounting question

I do not know if it is possible but I have been messing with accounting trying to do some things within Samba that would make keeping track of my income/expenses easier. One of these is how to implement a system that tracks bank deposits of Cash and Credit transactions. I was easily able to make a document type and transaction that allowed me to press a button to take money from Cash and transfer to a Bank account called Checking. I would be doing this nightly as if I am taking a deposit to the bank. I can do the same thing with Credit however my actual money from Credit machine is deposited into my bank automatically with a set % fee subtracted from it.

Is there a way to setup some kind of automation where on Work Period closing it would transfer the balance from Credit Card to Checking and subtract the preset transaction % fee. I know there is not a function in Samba to show the Credit machine transaction fee from my processor so that would be a requested feature to get this working. .

Or am I over complicating the process it just seems it would be a nice way to track the money more accurately and reduce the need for a separate accounting system for my banking needs.

Tracking these is nice since you’ll be able to see big picture in single place after few months of usage however in my experience it is nearly impossible to match your calculations to Bank’s calculation methods. They sometimes charge unexpected costs or adjust accounts. Maybe it can be a better idea to record actual amounts after bank updates accounts.

Anyways you can use combination of Create Account Transaction Document action and Custom Expressions for configuring that kind of rate calculations.