Accounts Button (hide) V4 in Navigation

I need my waitresses to be able to see the navigation screen in V4 to be able to start the work period but I can disable all other buttons except the Accounts Button or Tile. I can´t find in the roles settings how to disable this button and keep them from seeing all sales. Is this possible?

If I am correct, you should un-tick the “Can See Reports” option for that specific account type, and she won’t be able to go into work period & item sales reports and see the sales.

un checking that button hides the Reports button but the Accounts button is still visible. And i don´t see a visibility tick for accounts.

Oh you mean the General + Customer Accounts?

It’s actually something devs need to fix. Just untick the “Can Enter Cash Screen”.

It has nothing to do with the actual Cash Screen, though. Try it out, see if that helps.

That’s the option you want.
It has been renamed in V5 but V4 will not receive any further updates so that term will remain in V4but is just a terminology.


Perfect, that was what i was looking for. Yeah, I was thinking that button was one that allowed the user to enter the payment screen to close a tab. Thanks for the reply.

You’re very welcome. :slight_smile:

That would be done using automation command or rule mapping. :smile:

I´m glad it was even simpler than that. Thanks again.