Action ask question

What Action prefer to use to handle Ask Question,
make 1 action for ask question many rule,
or make 1 action for 1 rule?

this is action for ask question.

used for rule discount Item ask question

and used too for discount ticket calculation ask question

and used too for show change due

what is happen if 3 people, where use discount item button and discount ticket button and show change due at same time with 1 action ask question

It will work just fine. Most advanced users do this with actions.

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Thank You, so i will learn to efficiency action.

The ‘generic action’ is very useful ass things get more complex.
Is a very handy way to keep things simpler.
Multiple uses is no problem. Actions are like a template so using multiple times is no issue.
Not only does it make rules more explanatory without jumping back and forth but also removed need to remove and re add action when changing action level values…
Very good method to be familier with.

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