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ok yeah! if the search doesnt work, i could use the TICKET NUMBER to have the Entity Name for Voucher as that would always be Unique.

So Ideally, ticket numbers never repeat… that right ?

or is there {TICKET ID} that is a unique ID which i could use as Voucher Primary Field ?

Both will be unique, ID is not generated until ticket submission/closing so in theory should be sequential unlike ticket number excluding if you void all orders after closing.

No need to load entity first. Just the Change Ticket Entity action should be enough. Load Entity action is meant for automation outside of tickets where it does not have access to Entities. Tickets do have access to Entities. You may need to refresh ticket to see the Entity Change.

Ok works now!

So i used the TICKET ID to identify the Voucher and load into the ticket.

however, now there is another strange thing going on…
Since im testing, i tried to delete the vouchers through the entities list screen, but i cant because they are still in use by the tickets.
The tickets have already been settled. any clue?

do i have to remove the entities from the ticket before settling to be able to delete them?

Yea you cant delete them if they are linked to a ticket whether the ticket is open or settled it doesnt matter, that entity is still saved on the ticket in the database

OK. I dont mind crowding up the DB for the moment. But, when we are going live, it is safe to zero all accounts following this ?

There is no reason to delete data from the database. The database can handle hundreds of thousands if not millions of transactions with virtually no performance hit.

i need to zero everything because right now im testing and developing, will have to get rid of all these transactions and set everything to 0 when we put this to real use.

Yer, the database task will clear transactions etc which clearing any settings/automation.

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Ah did not realize it was just for testing in that case yes you should use the database task to clear all transactions.

How to add a discount with a label to the ticket. (Need discount on the ticket. Everything i have found online added discount to the order) After scanning the Voucher Code, i add the voucher to the ticket and need to provide the discount a per voucher.

My current solution is to add the discount amount as a Custom Item in the Orders list with a negative price. i dont really like it as it is a workaround/dirty fix. Any suggestions?

You use Ticket Calculations for ticket wide discounts.

Go to Manage > Tickets > Calculation Types and create a discount calculation. You have options on how to apply it you can either create a calculation selector and define a header so it works with a button on payment screen, or you define no header to make it automatic, or you do not use calculation selector and instead use automation with the Update ticket Calculation action.

It would depend on how your accounting for your vouchers on selling?
Vouchers were separate to the coupons right? prepaid vouchers?

Yeap… Coupons we will just add products and mark them free…

Vouchers we have a set discount amount that needs to be put onto the ticket.

I see the Manage>Tickets>Calculation Types…

But that shows up on the payment screen. I need to be able to add this discount onto the ticket before we reach the payment screen as it will be printed in the bill that goes before settling.

You can add calculation before payment screen, just setup the automation to set the calculation amount…
So is voucher like a prepaid card or a coupon with a value rather than a product? ie, they didnt pay for the voucher…

yeah… we issue a cash voucher depending on the amount a customer spends.

On their next order, they can use this voucher along with the payment. We are expecting the customers to provide us the voucher code when they place an order, so we can add this voucher to the ticket and provide the relative price discount on the ticket.

Coupons pretty much the same thing, but a product instead of cash… So ideally i would just add that product into the ticket with a Free tag when the coupon number is provided.

Arr ok, so its similar to a coupon but with a voucher, I wasnt sure if you were selling vouchers in which cace you would likely need to account diferently that discount but should work for your purpose.

ok. I’ll try to implement this calculation. on the ticket using voucher.

while im working on this thing… i have a question on the side…

Since SambaPOS is a POS software, does it not have a simple way for an end user to create promotions and offers like buy 2 get 1 free and things like that? I can not possibly expect my client to be able to do all this on their own.

Like some core features that i may have missed out on somehow?