Activation warning fix?

Is there a way to get a trail license?
The activation warning pops up as soon as sambapos has been installed!

5.3.0 17/03/2020 DB153-153

Is the licence module installed?
You should get 500 tickets before popup comes up every order, till then it just pops up every so often.
It doesnt limit functionality.
Its for trialing.

it is installed

That popup will come up like every 5 minutes.
Its a trial, without activation, are you expecting something different.
All features are available, pretty much licence just stops that popup.

hmm…it wasn’t like this but only pop up when it reaches 500 tickets. now even new install is popping

are you using same database.
It uses ticket id, not ticket number.
Clearing transactions doesn’t restart ticket id of database.

it is a brand new win10, using 5.3.0 default new setup, and new database installed from the installer.

everything is fresh

It is a trial and is not meant to be used in a live restaurant. The popup is a minor inconvenience while you look at the software. There is no way to disable it while in trial mode. The only way to disable the popup is to purchase a license and activate it.

PS We will evaluate the frequency of the popup.

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Cant remember what happens exactly before 500 tickets, after you get it every order added i think.
But whats the big issue? Isnt limited without licence, just click the popup to close it and licence when ready to go live.