Add button to change whole product category prices in ticket screen


I would like to know if there a way to have a button that changes the prices for a whole product category.

We are offering the following special: all regular pizza $16 and all small pizza $11.5

Now i set up SambaPOS is setted up to have 2 product category for sml and reg pizzas. to add the promotion i have added a button in the product modifier screen:

Here is how i set it up:

To reach it is quite time consuming because requires 3 step. (we do work a lot with this promotion!)

Have it in the ticket screen would already save 1 step, but
when i try to modify the Automation Command Mappings to “Ticket” instead of “Order Line” it does update the price but updates all the prices in the ticket, any way to restrict it only to “Pizzas REG” product category?

If anybody see a better way to implement a solution I’m more than happy to do that!

I hope my post was clear enough, if not I’ll try to explain myself better!


Does the promotion run all the time or is it only during specific hours? or specific days?

Thanks for replying so fast!

promotion runs Mon-Fri 12.00 till 14.30!

This is not exactly what your asking but it covers some techniques you could use. Click link and read the deeper parts of it. Some of it covers using price lists to change prices for specific hours and days. Best part is its automatic no button needed.

Specifically look here:

Automatic discount based on customer discount-level with set amounts per product

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Thank you so much :grin: ! I’ll study it through! in case i have question shall i post it here or in that post? also how can i insert a spoiler tag in the post?

Ask it here since its more specific to your setup.

Ok thanks, is going to take a while to get trough that post, see you later!

@clazo91, I just wrote up a Tutorial regarding the latter half of the the discussion in the post that @Jesse mentioned.

Even if you don’t have VIP Discounts, you can still use the Happy Hour portion of the setup to accomplish what you want in your scenario.

Keep in mind: the Tutorial presented is not the only method to accomplish your task, but it will suffice for your scenario. If you understand it well enough, you could make tweaks to it to apply to Product Groups instead of individual Products. You could even set your Discount Amounts once as a static value for the different Product Groups instead of setting a discount amount for every individual Product.

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Thank you for making it a tutorial!! i just started to study it, it is really clear!! I just begun to understand the mechanism behind SambaPOS so by now i’ll stick to the tutorial, anyway i do have some VIP customer as well so is not a bad idea to implement this as solution!!

I’m not too sure if here is the right place to post this,

When i set a rule i cannot select a action multiple times, i tried to search a post on the forum but i couldn’t find any.

Maybe is something very simple but now i have no clue!

Does anybody knows how to do it?


Like this: Right-click in the left side of the Action-chooser and select Display All Values

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Thank you so much!!

Finally i finished the setup!!
I also added some buttons to Disable\Enable the Happy Hour, just because when customer bring BYO they cannot get the special…

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