Add line to text - issue wrong data

i have a strange problem.
add line to text action add wrong data.

i have rule:

i have exactly the same report.
but the data in the text file is different from those in the report or in the database

where am I wrong?

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Try putting that on Ticket Closed event. Use[=TN('{REMAINING TOTAL}')] Equals 0 as custom constraint

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thanks for response

did not help

Try putting that on Ticket Closed event. Use [=TN('{REMAINING TOTAL}')] Equals 0 as custom constraint.

for some reason does not display any order state (, and CalculatePrice and DecreaseInventory -wrong result

found a solution through report sql details.
but still a strange problem

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Strange the only thing I can think of is its not done updating before it sends it to the txt file. Thats why I suggested Ticket Closed event… So did it not do anything with that event?

It also did not read the GStatus

Try sorting your rules so the rule is at the bottom of After Ticket Closing events.

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