Add new machine in existing setup

Dear expertise… I need ur urgent help. I have sambapos on my POS machine with sql 2012 express . It’s working fine. Now I am going to start delivery service so for that I have installed new computer with win 7 on it in my office and I have installed sambapos on it. So that if somebody will call for delivery then I could handle it. Now I want the same setup which I have on my POS on my new pc. So how can I made it possible… do I need to install SQL server on my new machine or not. I have created new terminal which is name client on my new pc. And provided the POS system address in its local setting then log off and log in. No error showing but actually not working . It’s same old Manu in it. I want menu and option which I have in my old POS MACHINE. Please help how can I do that pls see screeshot

What’s user-pc?
Show screenshot of database sting from the origional machine.

@JTRTech User-pc is my first original machine… on which I am running sql server and sambapos

Database defiantly correct name?

It’s correct name still don’t know why it’s not working… any other solutions

You have to shutdown sambapos completely and restart it for it to connect to database.

@Jesse I did still not working … could you please tell me the proper steps to make it possible I will try again after deleting every setting and steps

You can review this document to ensure SQL server properly setup to accept client connections.


I have a question. Are you wanting two separate databases or did you want tome connect the second POS system to the original terminal database?
In other words is the second machine going to be a client and original machine the server/main machine?

I just want two machine with same database … the old machine would be server and second should be client …

You use SQL express on one machine and set samba on both machines to connect to SQL in data string.


Can you please give me an explanation regarding this…?

Read it. There are several explanations