Add new order tags after order submitted

Can’t see any way to set Order Tag Note to blank, because only can see it on the Tag Order action, for which I need to specify parameters.

Ummmm, maybe a need for an update order tag action?!

You can’t only do [:Note] on the action so it applies to all orders? But guess as its tag it only applies to new tags as a tag action rather than update…

This is the most appropriate solution when it relates with missing drinks.

PS: Execute Update Order action with Locked parameter set to False. That will enable order tag selection but I should say there is a reason for locking order tags :wink:


I am trying to do this too, my use case is a bit different:
When I serve coffee I have 2 prices:
Coffe (single cup)
Coffe (Refill upto 4 cups)
Right now we don´t ask which one they want, we serve the first cup and when the customer asks for the second we change the price and put a bar on our ticket to control each time they refill.
I was thinking on using the order tags to change the price and count the number of refill by clicking on the refill order tag
Is there any way I can do this?

Pretty sure tags cant be added once submitted…
I would put the right type of coffe in the first place and use a new order state to track the refills myself (thats a new state btw - nothing to do with the default status state etc)

How can I do that? How can I change the state??

If you need to ask how then you probably need to read up on states… DO NOT dive in head first as if you end up changing the default status state flow youll cause allot of issues.