Add New Recipe From Another Recipe

Hi, I am new to Samba POS, it’s very fantastic POS…

i have a question on how to make a recipe from another recipe than it will reduce the inventory. here is my example ;

Iced Capucino consist of : Espresso 30 ml , Fresh milk 80 ml, 1 scoop of ice.

The espresso (40 ml) is made from 10 gram of Robusta Coffee. The Robusta Coffee is in the Inventory list.

My question is how the Robusta Coffee is reduce from the inventory when i make recipe for Iced Cappucino?

You will need to have Robusta Coffee defined as both an Inventory Item and a Product.

Even though the Product is defined, there is no requirement to add it to the Menu.

Then your recipe should contain Robusta Coffee rather than Espresso.