Add one Category like Department in setting under Manage


I want to add Restaurant Details Under Settings.
Please help me how to add.


To be displayed where?


I want to add one menu named as Restaurant Details(In there I have to Upload Restaurant name,Logo,Address etc) Under Settings like Department,Printer etc.Please Help me How to add in Code


You cant add settings in the manage section…

You didnt answer the question, where are these details needed to be shown? On printed receipts?

Either way the only way to achive anything like that would be a custom entity screen with custom layout and fields which update program setting values which can be called in print templates etc using {SETTING:SettingName}


I am not getting sir.

In Manage Section Under Setting I want to add Restaurant Details Menu same as Like (Deparments,States,Terminals)

Please Help me How to add…
I need it


Am I talking to myself?
You CANNOT edit the manage section to add new settings like that.

In a similar way to people have done cash up screens or things like that.


Ok Sir.
No Problem.
Thank you for Your Reply.


You need to provide screenshots. Based on what you are saying we can not understand your need.


Check this screenshot

Here I want to add “Restaurant Details” Menu Same as like Department,Printer etc Under Settings.

Waiting for your Reply.


That is not SambaPOS 4 or 5. These forums are for sambapos 5 you need to contact the maker of that pos which looks to be igenPOS they should provide that support.


Ok Sir,

Here How to add one menu under Settings in Sambapos3 like Departments,Local Settings etc.


This forum is for sambapos 5. You can find sambapos3 support at


Thank You For your reply



In Sambapos3 I posted about my Problem.But nobody giving solutions…


Time to move on. Not much of V3 users. Even V4 prob support gonna end soon, I think it is about 4 years old now.


Ok Sir. No Problem .In Sambapos V5 I want to add one menu named as restaurant details in settings(like Department,Printer) Under Manage through Source Code
How to do this. Give me any idea/Clue.

Please Help me Sir


It is not open source.

Why you want to add more menu? What is this Restaurant Details for? No one has a clue what exactly you want. No one can suggest anything.


Sir,I Need it.
I want to store Restaurant Name,Logo,Address,Mobile number through Restaurant Details in Settings Under Manage Through Source Code.

Can You Please Tell me Steps How to add…


Just put it in Printer Template


Actually I am not getting Source Code.So I am Unable to do.