Add Order Action Help. SOLVED

I am just wondering if this could be an issue or some error specific to me or something I do / have?

I was working on creating a setup where when I click on an Order Tag it adds a product automatismo, using Add Order Action … to begin with I wanted to test it with a fixed product so I just selected one from the dropdown and added details and created a rule.

Issue is: It does nothing … and when I tried to edit the action and change product it gives me this:

I am not sure its related to me or general erro, if anyone could check.

Also here is my first go at the Action and Rule …

Thanks guys, let me know if its me or general or what?

Nevermind, I deleted my Rule and Action (had to do it twice as it would just come back after I close SambaPOS and turn back on… but after I deleted and re-created action and rule it works fine and also does what it should.

Sorry to bother you guys,

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Yes anytime you make changes to actions that are already assigned in a rule you must open the rule remove the action save the rule then reopen it and add the action again then save it again.