Add Order Tag Group as Constraint

is it possible to create a Order Tag Group constraint in event name: Before Ticket Closing ?

Since a picture is worth a thousand words:

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If it is you need {} not [] so it would be {ORDER TAGS} if that is a valid tag to use

If you go into ticket templates most of the tags you can use are listed there

thanks for the reply RickH.

I tried with {ORDER TAGS} but no results, so i tried with [ORDER TAGS] to check if works, and nothing too, then i posted this.

Maybe i need to add something formated in EQUALS =

i outputting a Order tag Group, which is what i need

Any suggestion?

Can you explain what your trying to do?

Hey kedash, sure.
i’m trying to setup a order counter for the kitchen staff.
i needs to count only if a menu specific and/or order tag group specific product is added to the ticket, but it needs to be a single count up for each order submitted. EX: if a waiter order 3-4 products on same time, the kitchen ticket would still go up 1 count, not 3-4 counts in the order counter.
So 1 count per order subimitted.

The reason for this is that some times the kitchen staff get many orders at same time, and the confusion start when a new employer end up switching tickets order of production, and end up doing in the wrong order, and the client end up with a big bad face to us like: hey i ordered first, why that guy is eating before me? lol

In our current system, the staff organize orders by time, which displays seconds. Its not the optimal solution, and its so small and “incostumizable” that they some times on rush hour and up switching orders. In samba pos there is no seconds in display, but if i could setup this, i would format it with a very big font size to be the simpliest thing ever.

By the way, i know that is not recommended to reset ticket number with every work period end, because you lose the ability to see ticket history, but what about order number generator? what would be the cons of resetting it with every work period end?

If you reset the Order Counter, you wouldn’t be able to track number of Orders taken over time. It is an important metric for performance.

You can make your own Order Time Tag instead, and make that Tag appear very large on a printed (Kitchen) Ticket, or within a Ticket Lister Widget using font-size formatting.

EDIT: the Ticket Lister Widget does not support variable font-sizes in v4, but it does in v5

I see.
How can i make a Order Time Tag?
Ticket Tag?
also, i cant see to find a option to display seconds. ;(

Place this in your Printer Template to retrieve this specific Order Tag:

[ORDER TAGS:Order Time]

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What a great software we have here, and helpful people like you :wink:
just a problem, probably my ignorance, the time is displayed between order tag and product
like this:

Go to your Order Tag list and sort the Order Tags. You will probably notice that the Order Time Tag is listed first. Move it down in the list to the bottom if that is where you want it displayed.

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didnt solved, still in the middle :confused:
logged out to make sure
i didnt mapped it btw, just the rule

It won’t modify the order of the tags for previous orders, but new orders will be affected.

Order Tag is near the top, so it will be displayed and printed first…

After moving the Order Tag to the bottom and placing a new order, the Order Tag is displayed and printed last…

You don’t need a mapping for the Order Tag in this case, but as usual, all Rules require mappings. If you map the Order Tag, it will display on your Modifier Screen, which you don’t really want.

Yes i moved all the way down, saved, re-logged, opened a new table, tested it, still in the middle o.O lol

All i really need is just a number sequence for kitchen orders, separated from bar orders. for me this would be very useful, but i’m starting to believe i’m the only one, since i searched the sambapos forums and internet and couldn’t find it :neutral_face:

Maybe my kitchen operation flow needs a new flow lol

yea that’s what i thinked

You could use different ticket types for bar and restaurant and separate number generators for them.

but this would require a new Department, right?

No it wouldn’t but it would need automation to switch ticket types for bar orders etc.

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Ah but it would not reset every work period end…