Adding a Cocktail Mix

Hallo, I wold like to add a cocktail such as Gin & Tonic.
How would I do this and include Gin and Tonic wuth prices for the the invemtrory as well under one product?
Or can I apply sub categories in some way?

Thanks in advance.

For Product to show in your Menu:
You can just add Gin & Tonic as One Product under Product List, with its own Group Code(Category)

For Inventory:
You can add Gin(Whatever Gin Brand you use) as an Inventory Item,
and Tonic as another Inventory Item

Then Under Recipe.
You create Gin & Tonic Recipe
and add inventory item gin and its quantity used for this recipe
similarly add another inventory item Tonic with its quantity for this recipe.

Now, when you place a Gin and Tonic Order,
It will reduce Gin , Tonic inventory based on quantities you mentioned in recipe.

Is this what you wanted ?

Thank you very much. This is very useful!
p.s. Where wold I find information on scripts for use with SambaPOS?

Right here in the forum

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