Adding a fixed amount to each sale

Hello, Is there a way to add a fixed amount say $.25 to every sale? this is not a tax but a charge we have as a VFW bar

You can do Fixed Calculations yes. Create your Accounts and Account Transaction Type to handle this and then make a Calculation Type and set it to Fixed Amount.

kendash, I’m new to Samba, any chance would you have instructions on how to create a fixed calculation?


Create an Account Type call it Service Charge:

Create the Account:

Add the Account Type to your General Account Screen:

Create Account Transaction Type:

Create Calculation Type:

Create an Update Ticket Calculation Action:

Add the new action to your Order Added to Ticket Rule:

Thats it your done!

More SSHOTS coming…

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Kendash, being new to Samba your quick response and help with my question was amazing :smile:
thank you so much