Adding Discount 50% to ORDER in a specific product

First of all a great thank’s to Emre for SambaPOS.
I’ve a problem in Adding discount 50% to ORDER. I follow your documentation about ADDING DISCOUNT TO ORDER using ORDER TAG. When I create a new Ticket I select an item. It appears normally in the list. I select this item and appears the Button for %50 Discount. I click on this button and on my New Order appears %50 Discount but the price on the right doesn’t change. I expect that this price will become the %50 after click on %50 Discount. This is very useful in the case for example of a discount of the %50 only on the Beverages and not on other selection. I have tried with different Samba POS Version and with different database. (stand alone and network solution)

Hello @panda1269. I’ve just implemented it from scratch by following the tutorial and it seems working fine for me. Can you check your settings again?

Hi Emre
I have checked all the configuration in yout Tutorial. Now it works fine. The problem was that in the documentation there is written at the first point to create Ticket --> New Discount. But at the same time by default I have a Ticket named Discount… I have done another one with the same name (Discount) and now all works fine. Thank’s a lot for now. I’m testing all your great work and I will install asap in my new restaurant. I will contribute to your fantastic project .

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