Adding local taxes

I’m sure all of you have figured this out already, because everyone pays taxes, but I haven’t yet.
So I have couple of questions regarding taxes:

  1. I followed the instruction of “How to Configure Multiple Taxes” (ps. the graphic were working before, but now they are not). and my taxes are showing up in the bottom of the bill. But my total does not reflect Ticket Total + Tax Total only showing Ticket Total. What format do I need to use to show the Grand Total (including taxes, less saving…etc.)

  2. In some cases you get some customers with a Tax Exempt certificate (schools, charity…) how to configure a button for Tax Exempt?

At the end, thanks to this community for its support, you guys are great and there are a lots of great discussion.


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Hello @safisam.

  1. is the correct link for the documentation.
  2. If you’ve enabled Tax Included setting on Ticket Type sambapos will assume tax is already included in prices. SambaPOS supports a lot of local taxing schemes so if you can give more details about your need or a screenshot we can find a better answer for you.
  3. Local rules are different so I have to ask if you need to remove tax as if no tax added or if you want to deduct tax from ticket amount (with additional account transaction) and store deductions under “tax deductions” account?
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Thanks @emre, actually the tutorial you included is the oneI used to configure my taxes but they are not correct.

So to be specific, we have here in USA 2 taxes, one is a sales tax of 7.75% and the other is prepared food tax of 2% a total of 9.75%, Our order total does not include taxes. So we have to add taxes to the order ticket to get Total ticket or Amount to be paid.

I followed the instruction and created 2 account of 7.75% and 2/% as stated…to the end
When printing a ticket I get (for example)

In addition my screen doesn’t show the added tax (see below)

Should be Total Ticket + Total Tax.

Also, if you multiply the Total ticket by 0.0975 you will not get the same result. For some reason, the taxes in SambaPOS are adding up to ab out 8.885%

And one more, I have posted this but got no answer so far. Sometimes we get special groups such as schools, charity and they eligible for 0 tax (tax exempt). How do we do a tax exempt?

Here are some screenshot of my settings:

Thank you so much in advance for your help and support. Looking forward to your reply.

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An update to my question.

I figured out the taxes by removing “Tax Included” from the last image above and that looks like it fix the tax addition.

I still need help with other issues please.

  • How to do a Tax Exempt?

Can you please answer my 3rd question?

Thanks @emre.
When a customer purchase any food item or drink, the tax is not included. By law we have to add tax and that tax will depends on the State and city. So every place has its own taxes. So the final customer bill will be a total of food cost + added taxes.

Now if special group visit our restaurant such as schools kids or charity and they have tax exempt certificate, then we have to remove those added taxes or don’t add tax to their food. One way to do this is to create a button called “tax exempt” that will deduct the added taxes.

In the following example, we will have a button that will deduct the $0.90 off

Hope that helps,

if remove tax as if no tax added in screen emre? thx

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Configure an action like this.

If you enter a non existent tax template name it will remove taxes from all orders. That’s why I’ve entered a . as Tax Template

You can map it to a Ticket Automation Command

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thx,i will try that at sambapos3. Forgot to tell if could be for sambapos 3…thx alot emre

if i push tax exempt button , how can erase all tax total from balance
ticket total $10
tax total 0,70
balance 10.70 if i push tax exempt balace $10

HI Emre , i tried , but its not working
what i will write Ticket Automation Command and map

Create the action

Create the automation command.

Map it

Create rule and add Remove Tax action.

Add default mapping to rule

Create a ticket. We have tax in that ticket and you should see Tax Exempt button.

Click Tax Exempt button.

Tax removed.

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thanks Emre its working now

well since in v3 cant tax exempt,i try use calculation type and selectors for 10% tax or without tax,hehe