Adding multiple Order tags with Prefix

i set up the order tags that i wanted but one last problem i ran into is that if i have a order tag with prefix it doesn’t seem to let me add multiple quantity of it. In example i have one order tag set up with 3 prefixes “with” “Add” and “No” so if i click on “Add” + “Tuna” i adds $1 to the total but if i click it again it removes it.

If the tags were not filter i was able to click it multiple times to get X2 , X3 etc with price adding up,

thanks in advance

I think using quantities and prefixes together will be hard to operate. It may work fine with Add prefix but increasing quantity with other prefixes will be a little weird. I think you can solve it by configuring one more prefix. For example Double. You can also configure Double Tuna tag to set a price for it.

For rarely used modifiers you can also prefer using free tagging.