Adding Multiple tickets to an open Table

Good morning guys,
From my system, once I have selected a table and made an order; I am not able to open the same table and add a second or third ticket to the same table. When I try adding a ticket, and then place an order, the close button won’t work but the settle button works; yet I would still like to keep the order open as the customer may want to add to the order.
Kindly assist as I have really struggled with this and I don’t know what to change to allow this function.

Default Add Ticket button should work normally unless the rules and automation was changed.

Show us your actions and rules.

That the actions news the rule too.
Plus pretty sure default wouldn’t be to clone ticket and orders…

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I don’t get your answer; what are you advising me to do? I asked this because I got stuck with the setup that can enable me to add multiple tickets on an open table (a table already opened with one order, then add another order to the same).
Kindly advice on what I should do.

You modified your add ticket rule.

This is how it works by default.


Thanks, I have corrected it but I still can’t add a ticket. It still doesn’t close the ticket after I select an item

Did you assign a table? Show a screenshot of your ticket please.

This is the original ticket on a table

So when I add a ticket and input order, the close button stops having any effect

Your close button isn’t working because there isn’t a table assigned to that ticket, I can’t see anywhere on that ticket where it tells you it is assigned to a table

Have you changed the default rules for selecting and adding tables?

Maybe I did without knowing, where can I check that?

I wonder why it doesn’t select the same table where the original ticket was created. I just reopened the same table that was active so that I add a ticket to it.

You must have changed the default rules, you’ll need to compare against a new database and amend them nack

Show your tables screen. Are you selecting a table first? According to your screenshots you are not selecting tables and it looks like there may not even be a table screen because its greyed out.

That is my tables screens, first I select a table; create an order and close. The brown tables are those whose bills have been printed, the orange ones are with customers. I have tried several times to add a ticket on the tables without success, even imported actions and rules from a different system from which adding tickets is possible; but even that did not help.

My setup is in a very busy outlet with very many waiters and customers and thus the need to maximize on every table; otherwise it becomes very hectic operating on one table one customer basis; which is what I have been reduced to.