Adding new reports

I would a report that shows me the profit I am making on a particular product and the profit I am making at a particular specified period of time. Is this function already there or is there a way to add it in V4?

Most of the costs report tags are v5 only. You would need to purchase custom reports module or upgrade to v5. I recommend upgrading to v5 so you get the new cost report tags making it much easier to build your reports.

Or you can use SQL and design your own queries for reports.


Thanks Kendash. V5 here I come. Is there anything special I need to do to keep my V4 data intact so that it v5 captures it seamlessly?

You can check this tutorial out.

I would also like help with understanding inventory, warehouses, tickets and entities. It’s been a bit challenging using those features (very new to Samba but want to grasp as much as the mind can).

Is it any different in version 5 if you help me understand how those 3 features work for v4 or will I have to relearn it for v5 after you help me with how they work in v4?

Its different. You really should take a look at the Tutorials Section for version 5. Here is a great one dealing with inventory.

Here are some links dealing with Custom Reports.


Thanks a lot. I will