Adding stock in inventory

Can somebody help me with adding products in my inventory, I buy stock in bulks like cooldrinks and Beers. so per pack like cooldrinks I get 24 cooldrinks per pack and beers I get 6 per pack… I want to put them in inventory so I can keep track of how many cooldrinks and beers I have sold and how many is left at the end of the day…im using sambapos 4.1.82

Basics of setting up Inventory:

The Base Unit is what you sell.

The Transaction Unit is how you buy it.

Additional Units are used for alternate measurements of the Inventory Item, and you can buy by these Units as well.

My preference is to leave Transaction Unit blank/empty, and instead define an Additional Unit as the Default Transaction Unit (check the box next to the Unit line).

Your Consumption will be reported by Transaction Unit if you do not leave it blank. So if it is defined as Case with a Multiplier of 12, when you sell 1 Can, your consumption will report 1 of 12 = 0.833 of a Case Consumed, with Instock level reported as 0.916 of a Case left. This is not useful in scenarios such as this.

If you leave Transaction Unit blank, your Consumption will be reported by the Base Unit. Most of the time Base Unit Consumption makes more sense. So when you buy 1 Case (of 12), and sell 1 Can, you will see Consumption reported as 1 Can, and your InStock level will be reported as 11 Cans left.

Besides Inventory Items, you need to define Recipes for all your Items, as such:

P.S. The screenshots are from V5, so you can ignore fields that are missing in V4. The concept is still the same.


do I need to edit anything on the end of day records

End of day records is after you end work period you go and physically count inventory and record differences for next day or for ordering points. You don’t have to do it every work period you decide when you want to do it. I do my physical count twice a week. Some do theirs daily. I typically time mine so I do it after the work period that I recorded purchases on.

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k thanx for the advice

End of day keeps you accurate for ordering decisions and for reports accuracy. It’s a place to record inventory after a real manual count. We all know things happen and inventory never stays exact. These records are the solution for that so you decide how you want to use end of day.

You can only make changes to the last closed work period any before that can not be altered.