Adding Tax Exempt Button To Checkout Screen

Hi i been looking around for something where i can add a tax exempt button to the checkout screen for customers that have their certificated of exemption but no luck i been just discounting the tax from the item cost but that can come back and bite me later it would be much easier if i could just click to take away taxes and attach later the exemption form to the receipt hope someone has an answer to this thanks in advance.

There are several ways to achieve this. My personal favorite is a separate payment type. However if you search forum for this you might see several ways to implement this. A version of the payment type method is found inside a prebuilt database that I designed several months ago inside the Prebuilt Databases forum category.

I do not use this database setup anymore I have designed something different. However its rather complex and I am not prepared to show a step by step right now. But if you wanted to download that database you might be able to get some ideas.

If you prefer just a toggle button to turn taxes on or off there are a few methods discussed in this forum just search for nontax.