Additional Cash out and Daily Report

When a customer pays for their bill via card they quite often want to take additional cash out as part of the transaction.

I have added a Cash Out button to allow for this in terms of balancing the Card Accounts the problem I have is that this is then included in the sales for the Work Period Reports.

What is the correct process for adding a Cash Out feature to V5?

How do I list the cash out totals separately for each card type on the Work Period Reports or create a new daily reconciliation report?



If you do this from a ticket and you do not want it included as sales then you need to create a customized Account setup and automation button that uses specific Account Documents and Transactions outside of Sales.

You will need to create new Transaction Types, appropriate accounts, Document Types, and use the Actions for Creating the documents and transactions and setup the button and rule for firing it.

How did you create this button?

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I have added cash out as a product to ensure we can balance the till bu then obviously it is affecting out sales figures. What is the correct way of doing it.

Use accounting and transaction documents.