Admin/Manager needs to print individual server sales reports

Ok I am new to this. Where would I drop this text file? Directory?

No you go to settings then database tools and import it.

Tried to import then I got an import error saying Sequence contains more than one matching element.
Does this mean I should undo all I have made first?

Yes remove all of that.

Ok its in, however I got to rebuild my entity screen, thats the part I dislike the most on this particular task.
I thought it would be in the script as well.

WHOA never mind it IS there, I just needed to create a mapping…

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Or just create an automation command button go to navigate setting and set it to Entity then select that screen. You can remove screen mapping and get a better looking screen

Map the button to navigation screen.

It is working however there is no data. What am I doing wrong? There should be sales from mid day today in this test.

Show your users let me see them.

Show settled tickets.

Hmm strange. Double click the Sambapos icon in upper left corner to make it windowed mode show me the title bar.

Test Box

Hmm it should work. Odd

Ok I need to run the the real production environment. Its opening night. Think on it. Maybe we can do some remote stuff tomorrow or something.

Thanks for all you have done. I really am thankful.

I literally just tested that exact file on a stock database and it works. I wonder what’s interfering.

I guess a simple stem in elimination of issues would be to check the program settings table and make sure the setting is there. Rules a couple of things out.

It’s a local setting.

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Ok, a show message or prompt then :stuck_out_tongue:
To ensure its setting the value as expected.