Admin Password Changed

Hi team, Over the weekend someone managed to access my sambapos system and changed my admin password, besides doing that the bustard also deleted my void rule.
Kindly let me know how to limit other users from accessing the admin account and changing the password.

You can login to your database via SQL Express and change your admin password from Tables > dbo.Users

can you kindly demonstrate this from SQL perspective,Hoping am not asking too much.
Also let me know how to avert this in future.

UserRoleID is most likely going to be 1 for Admin roles.

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Have a look at this topic:

Thankyou sir this is well understood,tell me how can i restrict users with low privilege not tamper with admin Password.For example i have given the manager the mandate to create new waiters but the same manager can change his user roles to admin.Hope you understand my point.

I just told you which topic to look at, it was discussed in detail there.

yeah,i found this

Lower User Roles not allowed to create higher Role

Let me dig it,its a long post but worth reading