Admin Pin authorisation

I have our ‘settle’ button request the admin pin and have created admin accounts for supervisors that just allow them to take payments as I don’t want other members of staff accessing the till. ( the tills themselves all login as 1 generic user as this screen is also used to display incoming orders for the bar - so needs to be logged in at all times) my question is … is there a way of finding out which admin pin was used to authorise the ‘settle’ button for a particular ticket?

or if there is a better way that I can implement this?



I dont think that is possible. The only other way would be to allow them to log in as admin and look at user on the settled ticket. Unless it stores value somewhere for pin entered and we just dont know it yet.

Maybe you can implement your own Pin confirmation workflow.

When settle clicked you can ask pin with query parameters and when “5555” entered you can tag ticket with a specific value and display payment screen.