Admin pin on exit, but what about a message?


Need ideas or suggestions.

It is great that we can set the terminal to ask for admin pin if someone taps on the exit button on the login page, but I have two situations where this is not ideal.

I am keeping the admin pin private to the owner and myself.

Situation 1, the manager is the one that will most of the time need to exit the program to be able to get to the pandora music on the desktop. Would be nice if the button offered manager level pin.

Situation 2, all the users are new to this system and constantly press the exit button thinking thats the one to tap after they enter pin. In this situation it would be nice if it prompted Are You Sure? Or allowed manger level pin.




You can confirm admin pin on exit in terminal settings

You can change AMC to have admin pin on execute.



I see what you’re saying now.

Perhaps have admin pin not having so many roles? You can change the roles and what theure allowed to do



Just to clarify there is option in user rolls call confirm admin pin which sets a rolls ability to confirm admin on button confirm admin option and for exit. It doesn’t allow manage access etc or make that role a true admin but simply to confirm these prompts.



Glad I asked, because indeed it does. Fantastic.



To add one small question to this.
IF I have the computer scripted to reboot at 6 am every day for a fresh start, would there be an issue with SambaPOS being taskkilled to allow this reboot?

Would there be any corruption issues?



I doubt any corruption would occur but honestly if your using Windows 10 I wouldn’t bother rebooting. All of my devices run 24/7 rarely rebooted unless an update. I never once have any issues. The days of slowdowns etc where rebooting benefited systems are behind us.



Yes running w10. Ok will do. Thanks.



Why don’t people turn their computers off at night LOL, really annoys me when I see people using my separated setups with screen and PC separate they turn the screen off and leave PC on.
Then when someone does turn the PC off I get a call saying it’s not turning on because they are just pressing the screen power button LOL.
I guess if you have a long sleep setting it’s same thing but I turn power setting off to be on all the time in general.
If nothing else to save electric in an eco preferred world. I mean do you turn the restaurant lights off? Do you turn the cookers etc off at night :-p