Administrator Privileges


I was wondering , is there a way for popup a “password screen” for administrator in ticket screen, for the following scenario :
The logged-in user is an employee (he/she cannot do the “decrements quantity, refund and void” processes), and she/he want to use “decrements quantity ,refund and void” buttons ,
I want upon clicking on any of them a popup screen appears requesting admin pin/password to proceed with the process

i’m using Sambapos V3

Any help plz !!!

Yep go to the automation command settings for the button and ticket the admin pin box, now everytime those buttons are pressed a numberpad will appear for an admin pin to be entered

Thats def in V4 ive never used V3 so cant be sure if its the same

Thanks RickH

Unfortunately its only supported in V4

Then you should upgrade to v4. v3 will never get any more features nor will v4 both are feature locked due to v5 being the currently developed system. Your limiting what you can do by using old software.

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