Advice on a New System Setup

Hello everyone,

I am going to do a new setup for another location. I am planning to use devices below. I would highly appreciate it if you can guide me.

Cashier / Server pc - Dell OptiPlex 3070 Desktop Computer - Intel Core i5-9500 - 8GB RAM - 256GB SSD - Small Form Factor

Mobile Devices to be used with Mobile Client - Fire 7

Thank in advance

Well the PC certainly looks to have more than enough spec for the job. Overkill if anything.

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Fire 7 wont work unless you jailbreak the amazon software for playstore. There are a lot of other inexpensive android offerings out there.

Single terminal setup works great with a j1900 or j34… i3 or i5 is overkill unless you have money to blow.

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How about Lenovo Tab 8? They are pretty cheap.

Lenovo Tab 8 has 1 gb ram. You should buy a device at least has 2 gb ram for mobile client.

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